Maintenance Toolkit

Unless otherwise stated, these tools were developed with the GNU/Linux operating system in mind, and might not work correctly or at all on other systems or configurations.

Originally developed for Invasion from the Unknown, this script is used to create the add-on packages offerred through’s File Release System. There’s a few long-standing issues with this tool, however, and its use is currently discouraged until umcdist can replace it.

Usage [--force|-f] [{--xdelta|-x} <old version>] <add-on dir> <output dir>

General options

--force, -f
Overwrites the target package file, should it exist in the output dir.
--xdelta, -x
Generates an XDelta patch from ‘old version’.
--no-svn-export, -E
Does not check whether the UMC directory is a SVN checkout, and skips exporting it with the standard svn ‘export’ command; this may cause unnecessary files to be included in the package; don’t use it unless you know what you are doing.


This script is used to ensure that the repository contents use optimal SVN property information for their visualization in the ViewVC interface and for cross-platform interoperatibility, fixing things such as line ending information, MIME types and executability flags (Unix only).

While staff make sure to run this script periodically or after large file operations — such as when checking in a new add-on — it is recommended to configure your SVN client to setup the correct metadata properties automatically as explained in the SVN Properties section.


umcpropfix [OPTIONS]

Behavior options

-d, --dry-run
Runs in simulation mode, not making any changes to the working copy. Useful combined with the --verbose switch.
-v, --verbose
Prints additional information about the objects being examined or altered.

Miscellaneous options

-h, --help
Shows this help text.

Reporting bugs

Report any bugs to the project’s IRC channel #wesnoth-umc-dev at

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