Sunday, April 21 2013

Wesnoth-UMC-Dev’s switch to SourceForge’s new Allura platform is now complete. The repository should be working as usual, with the exception of the web interface to SVN, which is currently lagging behind.

Contributors with existing Subversion checkouts of any portion of the repository will need to run a simple command to switch/relocate the base repository URL as required by the migration:

svn switch --relocate NEW_URL

Or for Subversion 1.7.x and later:

svn relocate NEW_URL

The value of NEW_URL depends on whether you are a regular contributor with commit access or just a user with read-only access. Contributors should use svn+ssh:// as NEW_URL (replacing USERNAME with your username). Users should use either svn:// or instead.

For graphical/alternative Subversion clients, you should consult the documentation for the software you are using for information about switching/relocating a checkout’s repository.

Feel free to direct specific support inquiries about the migration process to our support thread in the Wesnoth forums.