Wednesday, March 23 2011
The Lands Unknown poster

The Wesnoth-UMC-Dev staff members are proud to welcome inferno8 and the Era of Magic and To Lands Unknown development team (a.k.a. Infernal Studios) to our project, along with their groundbreaking add-ons to enrich your Wesnoth experience!

It’s always great to see more big add-ons joining us, after the Ageless Era entered the repository in July 2010. Era of Magic sports nearly 200 units and over 1,800 frames of animation; its first official campaign, To Lands Unknown, boasts scenarios with large, complex environments built around the game’s terrain graphics builder engine, featuring visual and auditory weather effects, epic animated cutscenes, a mysterious, new world, and more.

These cool add-ons have been around for a while, and TLU is one of the few complete campaigns ever added to our repository, with 16 scenarios in total.

Currently, EoMa is provided for the 1.8 stable branch and 1.9.x development versions, whereas its campaign proper is only available for 1.9.x. You can obtain them both from the official add-ons server,, or you can check them out with SVN to track the latest revisions:

svn co
svn co

The trunk tree for EoMa is also compatible with Wesnoth 1.8 at the moment.

We believe that the addition of EoMa and TLU to the Wesnoth-UMC-Dev Project will enable better coordination between their developers and mainline as our staff ensures compatibility with these add-ons and the technologies used by them in the future.

In other news, the repository HEAD is currently over 9,000 (*grin*) as I recently announced in Twitter, minutes after noticing the progress made in SVN. We have just a bit less than 970 commits left to reach the next milestone with the 10,000th commit!

Despite the sad state of mainline Wesnoth’s development versions due to various bugs and loose knots plaguing trunk, we believe this will be a very productive year for the UMC developers community, eagerly awaiting version 1.10 to be released in the near future.