Sunday, January 09 2011

A hardly ever mentioned facility hosted by the Wesnoth-UMC-Dev Project at is the issue tracker, which is linked in the least appropriate manner possible in our site’s front page.

Following’s, err, “quaint” redesign of the web interface, the trackers are reachable by going into our project page, click on the Develop link, and then checking the Tracker item; or just following this neat direct link. Or you can paste this URL in your address bar:

You’ll notice we have three issue trackers available for your use:

  • Bugs. This area is intended for users to report bugs on our hosted user-made content. Assigned add-on maintainers are supposed to watch this area.
  • Feature requests. Guess what this is! Users are intended to be able to post wishlist items, suggest enhancements and such to this list.
  • Patches. People can propose patches here, potentially for any filed bugs or FRs.

Truth to be told, our issue trackers are mostly unused at the moment, because they haven’t been advertised enough by the few add-on maintainers who have opted to have categories created in them, or by our project staff.

This can be easily fixed, though. If you are a maintainer of one of the add-ons hosted at the Wesnoth-UMC-Dev repository, you can contact our staff and request a new category for your UMC, so users can select it when filing new items. But this also requires some involvement with us! As an add-on maintainer, you must advertise our tracker URL in your official contact forum thread or web site, and teach your users about how they should use it — in other words, what category they should select for your add-on, and what your own guidelines for submitted items are.

Of course, if you do this you’ll also be allowed by our admins to manage the tracker so you can assign/reassign items, close and reopen them, and much more! Just don’t forget that with great power comes great responsibility!