Friday, December 17 2010

I have just published a new guide on the “do’s and do not’s” of translator-friendly campaign design:

Our hosted add-ons are occasionally checked for textdomain inconsistencies using one of our tools. Unfortunately, textdomain_check is undocumented and unmaintained, and until I can replace it with something cleaner we can’t provide help with using it — which would be a good idea for content authors otherwise.

Nonetheless, I hope this little guide helps to promote the WesCamp-i18n Project by teaching the audience what they must and must not do to get their content properly translated. As usual, comments or corrections are welcome in our forum discussion thread or our IRC channel.

Thursday, December 09 2010

Today I bring you a smallish website update including a minor fix in the Contact page that rendered AI0867 email-less, and new documentation.

In this opportunity I’ve decided to talk about one of the tools we admins run on add-ons from time to time, particularly when checking them into the repository — wesnoth-optipng, an image file recoding/optimization tool used by the mainline Wesnoth project to try to reduce image files’ size as much as possible for distribution.

It’s not rocket science, but Linux users may be interested in trying it out by themselves. Thus you can find a little explanation of what it does and how to use it in the Documentation section.

Sunday, December 05 2010

As of lately shadowmaster has been announcing progress in his personal weblog but it’s finished at last, now: the Wesnoth-UMC-Dev Project has got a facelift today after the completion of the work on project “Hakone”.

It’s not supposed to be immediately obvious (probably), but this isn’t just a superficial “look and feel” change — there is new documentation for project members and users, updated application procedures, and of course, this news source you are reading right now, which we’ll try to keep updated with any relevant information or announcements for our add-on developers.

We’ve also made our IRC channel more accessible: there’s an embedded chat interface available here so you can easily talk to us from your web browser after following a few simple steps!

Welcome to the Wesnoth-UMC-Dev Project, and happy holidays!