Application & Policies

Any enthusiast Wesnoth add-on author is eligible for getting their own add-on or add-ons into the Wesnoth-UMC-Dev SVN repository. Although the project’s original goal was to provide a mechanism for syncing the work of many authors on a single add-on, nowadays we are also hosting add-ons maintained by single individuals

By add-on, it is understood that we may refer to Wesnoth campaigns, scenarios, eras, map packs, resource packages for other authors, etcetera.

The basic steps for applying are:

  1. Get a working account;
  2. Register an account in the official forum board if you haven’t done so already;
  3. Contact a Wesnoth-UMC-Dev staff member by forum PM or email. In your application, you must provide:
    1. Your acceptance of the project policies, as detailed later in this page;
    2. Your account name so you can be added to the project’s member list;
    3. An initial copy of your add-on so we can audit and commit it, whenever possible; and
    4. The game engine versions your add-on is intended for in order to create an initial dir for it in the correct location of the repository.

The policies described in the remainder of this page must not be considered a replacement for’s Terms of Service, but an addition instead.

Content Policies

Workflow Policies

Workflow Guidelines

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