The Project

Take responsibility for your own projects and never expect other people to do your work for you. If they do help out take it as a bonus and be grateful.

Author of Northern Rebirth, completer of Son of the Black Eye

The Coordinated Wesnoth UMC Development Project aims to solve some common issues found in cooperative and solo development of add-ons for the Battle for Wesnoth, by providing facilities for coordination, organization and collaboration using’s great platform for open-source projects.

In the past we’ve also worked together with the Battle for Wesnoth team to prepare some great campaigns for mainline, including such titles as Legend of Wesmere, Delfador’s Memoirs and Dead Water. Other well-known user-made add-ons hosted in our repository include Invasion from the Unknown, Era of Strife and The Dark Hordes.

Get involved!

Authors can…

  • Apply and maintain their own add-ons, or perhaps adopt abandoned ones from the repository.
  • Collaborate with each other!
  • Work with guaranteed backups of every single revision of their content.

Players can…

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